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8th Grade

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Science  8                     

                                        Soon available to Download the pictorial course syllabus


Teacher: Ms. Mary de Sa



Scientific Method Download handouts and rubrics for this unit here.
Chemical Interactions Download handouts and rubrics for this unit here.
Environmental Science & Robotics  Project-based unit. Integrated with an introduction to environmental science, students build and program a robot to help mitigate effects of an environmental disaster
Carbon Compounds, Biomolecules, DNA & Genetics A short introduction to organic and biochemistry; DNA structure and replication; Mendelian Genetics; A brief discussion of one or two relevant topics in modern genetics.

Human Reproduction and


This unit includes basic anatomy and physiology of the male and female reproductive systems, methods of contraception, and sexually transmitted diseases.
Electricity & Magnetism  The natural phenomenon of magnetism and its relation to the electrical nature of matter, a brief study of electric current, motors and generators.
Motion & Forces  Introduction to kinematics. Graphing motion, calculations involving speed, velocity, and acceleration. 
 Unit Reflection
Here you will find resources and instructions for closure to each unit you complete.




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