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7th Grade

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Welcome to 7th Grade Science

Soon available to Download the pictorial course syllabus


Instructor: Ms. Mary Sá                                                                                                                      


Basic Skills Here you will find information to review basic skills necessary to carry investigations in science.

Here you will find information to study our planet. We will study plate tectonics, volcanoes, and seismic activities (earthquakes). The formation of minerals and rocks, and the rock cycle.

Semester One Unit Summary Guidelines Here is your opportunity to reflect about your studies during the first semester. You will find information to complete your Semester One Unit Summary here. This work must be submitted in writing.
Human Biology and Health Here you will find information and resources to study the major organ systems of the human body and several aspects of health.
Astronomy Here you will find information to explore and learn more about space science and astronomy. From rocketry, space exploration and more!



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